Theodore Leipprandt meets Martin Lewis Leibbrandt, both CEO of an Agricultural Cooperative, 2001

Ted Leipprandt In my travels I met a CEO of a Cooperative in Imperial Nebraska who spells his name Leibbrandt.
His name is Martin and is perhaps a couple of years older than me.
His great grandfather ( Immanuel Jakob Leibbrandt ) came to the U. S. as a grown man and brought his family along.
I do not remember the date that they arrived in Nebraska however.
       Immanuel Jakob Leibbrandt,    Gen.9
               Mother: Katharina Konrad, * 02.04.1763 Unterweissach, † 24.09.1817 Ismail.
               * 08.11.1805 in Unterweissach, † 04.02.1901 in Ash creek community south of McCook, Nebraska USA.
               Colonist in Hoffnungstal, Ukraine, South Russia.
               In 1817 moved from Württemberg to Hoffnungstal, Ukraine,
               In 1884 moved from Ukraine to Aurora, Nebraska, USA.

We have visited back and forth with Martin and it was very interesting to me that he looked very much like a brother to my brothers Charles, Bruce, and myself.
Also interesting is the fact that the names he chose for his boys are mostly the same names in our family such as Steve, Tim, Theodore (me) Charles, and his name Martin.
I almost believe there is a connection as we trace back to our roots.

Theodore S. Leipprandt, 2001 - Pigeon Michigan USA.

     Martin Lewis Leibbrandt of Imperial, * September 20, 1926
               and Martin Lewis Leibbrandt of Imperial
    Theodore S. Leipprandt Retired CEO, Cooperative Elevator Company, * 1933

The Michigan Leipprandt's and Martin Lewis Leibbrandt in Nebraska have a common ancestor:

Hans Jakob Leipprand Gen. 5
    Father: Isaak Leiprand, * 13.11.1614 Bönnigheim,
    Mother: Magdalena Tröster, * 02.04.1617 Bönnigheim.
    Brickmaker and judge in Bönnigheim, Württemberg.
    * 21.07.1643 Bönnigheim, † 15.05.1710 Bönnigheim.
    See: Leibbrands in Bönnigheim, Württemberg

Hans L. Leibbrandt , also a descendant of Isaak Leiprand, * 13.11.1614 in Bönnigheim and Magdalena Tröster, * 02.04.1617 in Bönnigheim !