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From: "Elize Hough" <>
Subject: Re: Robey Leibrandt: World War 11
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 20:57:59 +0200

Robey Leibrandt landed on 15 June 1941, more or less in the vicinity of the
mouth of the Bitter River, near Hondeklipbaai  on the Namaqualand coast.  He
was dropped from a yacht(although he later told that he was dropped by a
submarine) on to a rubber boat with only a few pieces of dried wors
(sausage), sugar cubes and 3 bottles of soda water.  The rubber boat
capsized before he reached the shore and he had to swim for safety.  He
buried all evidence of the boat and oars.  After several days without food
or water he was found by a shepherd and taken to Joos Engelbrecht at Sarisam
(his son is still on the farm and can remember the incident well).  He was
then taken to Wallekraal and from there he got a lift to Cape Town with the
brothers Mostert.  He later returned to look for the radio transmitter and
the oars that he buried.
He married Eda Botha in 1949 at the age of 36, she was only 18. They had 5
children: Hermann, Remer, Izan (note: NAZI), Rayna and Meyder Johannes.
After he sold his little flower farm in Honeydew he moved to Springbok in
Namaqualand where he was a partner in a butchery. I know of several
Namaqualanders who tells stories of Robey's involvement with illicit diamond
smuggling, although you do not find anything of that kind in the history
If anybody is interested to speak to any of the Engelbrecht or Mostert
family, I can ask them if they would be prepared to be contacted.
Regards from Namaqualand,
Elize Hough

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