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From: Janet Melville <>
Subject: RE: Robey Leibrandt: World War 11
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 12:22:28 +0200

I can let you have info on him
He was actually called

Sidney robey Leibbrandt born Potchfstroom 25.1.1913 +Ladybrand 1.8.1966 a
springbok boxer, german parachute solder, he was the police light heavy
weight boxing champion in 1934 hy was chosen for the Springbok team to go to
Commonwatlh games in Londen. In 1936 he was again chosen and went to Berlin.
After the games he stayed behind in Germany to do a course in Physical
Education To cut a long story short Ill send you his file but its in
Afrikaans  - if you are interested - he landed on 15.6.1941 on the
Namakwaland coast.
Janet Melville

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From: Doug & Pat Frykberg []
Sent: 03 December 1999 12:06
Subject: Re: Robey Leibrandt: World War 11

I too would be very interested in this man. Ours was a most peculiar brush
with him.
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From: Roy Lourens <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, 3 December 1999 09:37 PM
Subject: Robey Leibrandt: World War 11

>I have a reference to the landing of former SA Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Robey Leibrandt in South Africa from a German Submarine about 1941.
Apparently his role was to stimulate sabotage of the SA war effort, probably
in support of the Ossawa Brandwag, which had  pretty strong support at that
time.  He was caught soon after landing.
>I am trying to discover WHERE he landed from the submarine, and when.
Could it have been in the vicinity of St Sebastian Bay, near the mouth of
the Breede River perhaps?
>Can anyone help with that one?
>Roy Lourens
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