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Smileypics Limited is a New Zealand Registered Company based in Wellington. We also serve the greater Wellington region.

About the photographer: 

Gerry Leibbrandt immigrated from South Africa to New Zealand in mid 1999. The incredible beauty of New Zealand inspired him to take his passion for photography to the next level. With his engineering and computer background he took the major step from conventional film photography and purchased a high-end digital camera. 

The advantages of the digital technology became more and more evident as he explored this unfamiliar territory. Taking more than ten thousand photographs (at no extra cost) in the first year he knew it was time to for the world to take notice of this new technology.

Smileypics Limited became established and the company now owns the latest professional high-end digital technology in cameras and film scanners.

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About the equipment:

Smileypics Limited is the first company in Wellington New Zealand with the latest release Nikon Professional Digital SLR Camera D1x.

Other equipment includes the Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED which can scan positives and negatives at 4000 dpi for Professional Film Scanning and Photo Restoration & Enhancement.

With a friendly, energetic personality and a lifelong passion for photography, Gerry has the ability to capture the essence of any moment forever. His ability to solve any problems creatively will leave you with an end product that is worth every cent.

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Boeredans 11May 2002

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