The Leibbrand Coat of arms from Württemberg

Das Leibbrand Familienwappen aus Württemberg

Coat of arms, founded in 1942 by Wilhelm Emil Leibbrand.

Registration of Leibbrand coat of amrs from Württemberg

S h i e l d:                         in gold a red bar, on top crossed oblique black torches,
                                         with red flames burning,
                                         at bottom a red, lying tile;
S t a b h e l m e t:
J e w e l:                          a standing , bearded man with a hat and gold belt
                                        covered with a red suit, indented collar,
                                        lapel, two gold staffs in the form of spars leaning on the hip,
                                        on top with red burning firecups;
H e l m e t t o p:              red-gold.

                            L e i b b r a n d
                            Wolffgang                abt 1542  Kirchheim am Neckar   farmer
                            Andreas                           1562 Leonberg    brickmaker
                            Hans Michel                    1595  Leonberg    brickmaker
                            Christoph                  8.4.1625  Leonberg    brickmaker
                            Johann Georg          13.3.1683  Leonberg    brickmaker
                            Josef                         7.4.1710  Leonberg
                            Georg David            11.11.1742  Leonberg
                            Johann David          10.11.1783  Leonberg     butcher and town chairman
                            Johann Gottlob         2.9.1825  Leonberg     butcher
                            Robert Friedrich     26.2.1861  Leonberg     mechanical engineer
                            Wilhelm Emil          25.3.1888  Stuttgart     manufacturer

Founder of the coat of arms
Wilhelm Emil L e i b b r a n d , Manufacturer, Schorndorf, Borstadtstr. 59
(Accepted in the year 1942 under Nr. 2544)

Registration: Wappenrolle Dochtermann, in the year 1942 under Nr. 2544, page 48
Pro-Heraldica, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Heraldik und Genealogie mbH,
Julius-Hölder-Str. 48, 70597 Stuttgart.