SUN monitors "certified" by Sun to be compatible with PCs

Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 15:34:42 -0500 (EST)
From: Penn Stater 
Subject: Sun Monitors

Here is a list of all monitors which will work with PCs.

*  Any Sun monitor with a HD15 connector.

*  17" part no. 3651343 & 3651345

*  20" part no. 3651335 & 3651337

*  21" part no. 3651383 & 3651384

*  also the new 24" monitor if the PC can feed it right.

These monitors are approved and "certified" by Sun to be compatible with
PCs as long as you have the proper 13W3 to 15HD conversion cable, which of
course is available from Sun.

The part number of the cable for this adaptor is 530-2357.
    (Color CRT Video Adapter Cable, HD15M to DB13W3)

I thought that you might want to update your page to reflect this.

Also, I have found several companies which provide cables or adapters to
connect SPARCstations to VGA monitors, as long as the monitors support
composite sync.

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