Two interesting paintings signed "Vincent", found in 1942 Dutch version of this document

Two interesting paintings signed "Vincent", found in 1942

Like many businessmen and industrialists in the past century Gerard R. (1895 – 1961) collected as hobby paintings, etchings and drawings.
He had a good view of the matter but could not afford to buy expensive works. For that reason the greater part of the collection consists of unsigned work of good quality, in which sometimes the styles of great masters can be recognized. Works from the french impressionists are not included, those were in those days already too expensive for him.

An exeption are two paintings signed with "Vincent".
He bought the two "Vincents" in a gallery in the Netherlands in 1942. When he bought them him, was told that the painter was an at that time unknown Vincent van Gogh, whose works had hardly any value. The paintings are two townscapes ( in Paris? ) on the same site: a market painted in two directions. The style and the clear springcolors appear to be the style from about 1850, but look more like the style of the french impressionists.
The two signatures have much resemblance with Vincent van Gogh's signatures in the period between 1884 and 1889.

It is known that Van Vincent van Gogh after his arrival in Paris in March 1886 was introduced in the circle of the impressionists and has experimented with several paintingstyles before he developped the style that we know so well from his later work. In his period in Paris (March 1886 – February 1888) the colors of his pallet are clearly influenced bij the impressionists. He made there more than 200 paintings, among them sights in Paris, specially in Montmartre. Much work by him was unmarketable and got lost or is missing.
"By early 1886, he had moved to Paris to live with his brother Theo. Here Vincent was immersed in a centrifuge of modern art from the impressionist and post impressionists. Van Gogh quickly dropped the dark colors he had used to create The Potato Eaters after discovering the palette to be horrendously out of date. He adopted the brighter more vibrant colors with ease and began experimenting with the techniques he saw in the art of the impressionist and post impressionists."

The collection paintings, etchings and drawings of Gerard R. is kept intact and was never published. Also his deceased son kept the collection intact and never published it, and willed the whole collection to a good friend.
The statements above can be verified partly with documents and notary statements.

September 2006 the photographs of both paintings have been evaluated by experts in the Van Gogh Museum and in the Louvre.
Both did not recognize the style of Vincent van Gogh in these works.
But the question remains: Who painted these works ?                                                        Info :

Work 1, Oil on canvas. 53 x 64 cm and its signature.          (Click in the photos to see them full size, in a new window)

Work 2, Oil on canvas. 53 x 64 cm and its signature.

The signatures on the works 1 and 2, and two signatures of Vincent van Gogh. (Paris, February-March, 1887) and (Arles, March, 1888 )

Vincent van Gogh: Lane at the Jardin du Luxembourg. Oil on canvas. 27.5 x 46.0 cm. Paris: June-July, 1886